Care home owners suspend action after talks

    Private residential and nursing home owners have agreed to
    suspend their action in the dispute over fees until 15 August
    following negotiations with the Convention of Scottish Local
    Authorities in Edinburgh.

    Scottish Care, the group representing most of the home owners,
    last week rejected a firm offer of an extra £10 per resident
    per week from Cosla based on an additional £17.5 million over
    two years provided by the Scottish executive. In rejecting the
    offer, Scottish Care also threatened to ban all new council-funded
    placements from 30 July.

    Following the discussion, Joe Campbell, chief executive of
    Scottish Care, said there was disappointment that no new money was
    on the table. However, Campbell added that at the meeting it became
    apparent that additional resources might be available from local
    authorities from their share of the money allocated so far.

    Scottish Care has postponed the escalation of action for two
    weeks until it is clear what these resources may amount to.

    A Cosla spokesperson said: “We are glad that the providers
    stepped back from the brink and we hope we can reach a settlement.
    The meeting was very constructive.”

    Scottish Care has already ceased new referrals in Aberdeen
    Council and given the formal six months notice to cease all new
    council-funded placements to North Lanarkshire Council and South
    Lanarkshire Council.

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