Women are against hitting, poll reveals

Nearly all women believe that parents should
not be allowed to use implements to punish children, according to a

The NSPCC-commissioned survey shows that 99
per cent of women believe parents should not be allowed to use
implements to hit children, while 98 per cent say parents should
not be allowed to hit children around the head.

Nearly two-thirds of women and just over half
of men in England and Wales would support a law to protect children
from being hit provided parents are not to be prosecuted for
trivial smacks.

“Our research shows that most people, but
especially women, understand that law reform would be about helping
us all protect children more effectively rather than about the
state meddling in family life,” said NSPCC chief executive Mary

The NSPCC commissioned Mori to conduct
research with a representative sample of 914 adults in England and

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