If you have a client who is suffering some
form of harassment, then go to this site, writes Chris Lemon. There
are case law examples and a complete breakdown of all the relevant
laws in regard to harassment, as well as anti-social behaviour
orders. Well worth a visit to brush up on possible uses of the law
and how to help the harassed client (or even yourself).


You are politely warned not to read the
Christian love philosophy of the Romford YMCA’s website flippantly,
but I failed miserably, so I guess there’ll be the devil to pay,
writes Graham Hopkins. I’m sorry, but the “collection of
specialness” that is apparently me simply cringes at being labelled
(whether I want it or not) a “beautiful human person”. I am also
told that I am precious, valuable, special, mysterious and unique.
I ought to get myself down to Antiques Roadshow – sounds like I
might be worth a few quid. I am also “unrepeatable”, which is an
apt description for my initial thoughts of this site. The Romford
YMCA is a hostel for 150 residents aged between 18 and 25. It works
with young adults “who have a range of drug issues” and
successfully adopts an outdoor adventure programme to encourage
alternative lifestyles. It sees itself as a community and has a
strong annual programme of events, including holidays, registered
child care, fitness and wheelchair basketball. However, as a
mid-life-approaching born-again evangelical atheist, it’s fair to
say I’m not exactly the target audience here, but I can’t be the
only one who finds the in-house “research action project”
frighteningly dull. And why do some Christians feel the need to
scream messages such as “THERE IS LIGHT!” in capital letters
complete with statutorily required exclamation marks? And why would
anybody urge you to “feel your feelings”?

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