Unregistered social workers could soon be breaking law

Legislation to make it an offence to practice as a social worker
unless registered, could be introduced by April 2005, the
government has announced.

The ‘Protection of Title’ legislation would cover social workers
in England and Wales. Consultation on its implementation will start
next month and run until January 2004.

Social workers would have to be registered with the General
Social Care Council or the equivalent bodies in Wales, Scotland and
Northern Ireland.

Health minister Stephen Ladyman said: “The Protection of
Title legislation will put social workers on a par with other
professionals in the health and social care field.”

Rodney Brooke, GSCC chairperson, said: “Obviously it will
not be possible to register all 60,000 social workers in one go, so
we’re urging everyone to apply as early as possible before
the legal restriction comes in.”

The full consultation

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