The big question

Can the law ever eradicate discrimination?

Andy Doherty
co-chair, National Forum of People with Learning Difficulties

We need strong law. I don’t think the government is into it. They
say they will stop discrimination going on but it’s still
happening. We get discriminated against on a regular basis by
agencies, taxis, care workers, service organisations. We get
treated like children.

Peggy Hatcher
Bromley Advocacy Alliance

One of the problems is that older people often don’t realise they
are being discriminated against. Laws can’t get rid of all
discrimination, but they do raise awareness. If age discrimination
were against the law it might stop doctors making remarks like
‘what do you expect at your age?’

Paul Grey
Mental health service survivor

Anti-racism laws have not helped to shape people’s attitudes for
the better, because racism is internal. The law makers often do not
know the black community, so laws do not reflect their reality.
Black people have excelled because they have not relied on laws,
but on their own creativity, innovation and perseverance.

Shaun Webster
CHANGE self-advocacy group

The government needs to put its money where its mouth is and make
it against the law to discriminate against us. The public do not
try hard enough with people with disabilities. We are getting very
frustrated and feel that no one listens. Just let us be equal –
don’t patronise and demean us by giving us low paid or menial

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