The Big Question

Joan Scott  – Action Unlimited

As a parent of children with learning difficulties the way
support is given is really important. Parents shouldn’t feel judged
but things should be explained in a way they can understand. 
Social services and health profesionals should be trained to work
with children with Asperger’s syndrome and their parents.

Karen Shook – Disability equality adviser

Many families of children with learning difficulties endure a
postcode lottery of services, voluntary or statutory.  The needs of
children with Asperger’s and their families are very individual and
a person-centred approach should be paramount with an accessible
range of flexible services.

Angie Lawrence – Single parent

The earlier the intervention the more promising the outcome. 
Children with Asperger’s will also gain from an integrated
programme involving parents, school and specialist professionals. 
Such children are better placed in mainstream school where peers
can serve as role models.

Rebecca Cooper – York Action First

Parents of children and adults with Asperger’s  syndrome do not
get enough support.  In fact parents of adults probably get little
or no support.  Parents need regular short breaks and opportunities
to have a night out.  They need to be helped to live an “ordinary
life”.  Parents also need regular support to help them deal with
different behaviours.

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