Child poverty still significant

One in five children live in families on benefits because their
parents or carers are not working, according to a report from the
Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

This figure rises to almost six out of ten children in the 100
local authority wards with the worst concentration of poverty.

Glasgow, Tower Hamlets and Liverpool are the three areas with
the highest levels of child poverty.

The report sets out a long term anti poverty strategy which
calls on the government to sustain progress in tackling poverty,
make the welfare state more supportive and improve the supply of

Compared to 25 years ago nearly twice as many people have low
incomes, says the report. Geography now heavily influences whether
or not individuals can escape from disadvantage.

Lord Richard Best, director of the JRF, said that the nation
could afford a 20 year strategy to raise those who are worst off
above the poverty threshold.

“But it should no longer be something that government does
quietly while the taxpayer is not looking,” he said.

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