ADHD: How To Deal With Very Difficult Children

Alan Train, Souvenir Press

ISBN 0285633112, £9.99


This book is a consolidation exercise for Train, who has already
established himself as the authority on this subject in his
previous edition. His message to parents is not to suffer in
isolation, but to obtain support when ADHD is suspected, writes
Trevor Carter. His approach is congruent with the general shift
that has taken place in recent years in the perennial “nature
versus nurture” debate; in that it puts emphasis on the former as a
determinant of behaviour.

The opening section offers hope to parents by showing that a living
nightmare can be transformed into a state of relative normality. To
achieve this Train puts emphasis on the medical, rather than the
psychological or social perspective. He defines ADHD as a
“dysfunction in the chemistry of the brain” and says it should be
responded to as a disablement.

Trevor Carter is an NVQ assessor for Caring for Children
and Young People in Bristol

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