Just one quarter of DTTOs are completed

    Only one in four Drug Treatment and Testing Orders are
    successfully completed by substance misusing offenders, according
    to a report by parliament’s public accounts committee,
    writes Craig Kenny.

    Just 28% of 5,700 DTTOs that were terminated in 2003 had reached
    full term or been revoked early because the offender had made good
    progress, the report says.

    However, this may be an overestimate, since there was evidence
    from Leicestershire and London that these figures included a large
    proportion of offenders whose orders technically expired although
    they had been breached.

    In 44 per cent of cases offenders breached their orders and had
    them terminated, while for another 22 per cent the order was
    stopped due to a conviction for another offence.

    There was a wide variation between areas in the proportion of
    offenders who completed their orders – from eight per cent in
    Kent to 71 per cent in Dorset. However, the report notes that DTTOs
    in Dorset ran for the minimum period of six months, whereas in most
    areas they ran for at least a year.

    Offenders who completed the full DTTO were much less likely to
    re-offend – the reconviction rate was 53 per cent for those
    who completed their orders, compared with 91 per cent for those who
    did not.

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