Book Review – Managing a Quality Service


Linda Nazarko, Heinemann

ISBN 0435401270


Star Rating: 3/5

Nurses new to managing older people’s care will find Nazarko’s
study useful. It is easy to read and provides an overview of
national policy and management tools and how these can improve
patient care, writes Kathryn Evans.

There are some useful case studies and examples throughout to
illustrate the points. It is a useful resource for those preparing
for an interview. But it is not for those who require in-depth

The book is limited, due to focusing on either an in-patient or
a care home environment, which clearly are not the only places
where older people receive care.

The book could have been enhanced by including more on care in
the community especially with the topical issues of community
matrons whose care will largely focus on older people.

Kathryn Evans is a senior nurse, Leeds primary care

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