Book Review: Goodbye Dearest Holly

Goodbye Dearest Holly

Kevin Wells, Psychology News Press

ISBN 0907633021, £15.99


For people who work with victims, witnesses and bereaved people
Kevin Wells’s account of the murder of his daughter Holly and her
friend Jessica, from the time they went missing to the trial
conclusion, is essential reading to understand what happens to
families bereaved by homicide, writes Glynis Bliss.

Kevin Wells was not someone to sit by and let others take control.
He needed to be involved, informed and consulted at all stages. No
doubt he was not the easiest of people to deal with. He is full of
praise for the police family liaison officers and the complete
dedication to secure a conviction. However, he pulls no punches in
his criticism of senior staff and systems that, as he sees it, put
the offender first and the victims last, marginalising and
re-victimising their families.

At times I felt frustrated by the one-sided perspective. Without
balance it is difficult to identify where essential changes could
be made, while maintaining a fair and just system.

Nevertheless, this is an extremely powerful and gripping account of
what happens when someone murders your child.

Glynis Bliss is the county director of Victim Support

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