Judge urges reforms of infanticide laws

An Appeal Court judge has called for urgent reforms to
infanticide laws after a mother serving life for murdering her
three-month old son failed to clear her name today,
writes Maria Ahmed.

Lawyers for Chaha’oh-Niyol Kai Whitewind argued that fresh
evidence suggested Whitewind’s son Bidzill had died from
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), the Appeal Court heard.

But judges upheld the murder conviction after they were
“unconvinced” by the evidence, adding that it would not
have made “the slightest difference” if it had been
available in Whitewind’s trial in 2003.

Whitewind, from Birmingham, argued that she was a loving mother
and would have given evidence at her trial if she had know that the
time her son’s death could have been a result of SIDS.

Lord Justice Judge said the case highlighted an urgent need for
legal reform.

He told the court: “The law relating to infanticide is
unsatisfactory and outdated. The appeal in this sad case
demonstrates the need for a thorough re-examination.”

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