TV Review: Born with two mothers



Channel 4


21 April, 9pm 




After a mix-up at an IVF clinic, a white woman gives birth to a
black baby in this unusual drama inspired by real-life cases,
writes Josephine Hocking.


Actors improvised scenes with staff, including a children’s
guardian, doctors and lawyers, reacting to the unfolding situation.
We follow the story through to a family court, where a judge
decides who will become the baby’s legal parents. He chooses the
genetic family.


The actors playing the two couples, including Sophie Okonedo
(Oscar-nominated for the film Hotel Rwanda), are highly impressive.
As for the professionals, lawyers and doctors dominate the
situation with minimal input from social workers but we do see
children’s guardian Sue Hayward. 


TV social workers are often stereotypes, so it is good to see a
real one in a drama. Hayward’s role is to consider what is best for
the baby, named Joe by his birth mother, and report to the court.
There are no child protection issues. Joe is well cared for by his
birth family but he has two mothers, and both desperately want


The drama is moving and gripping and the device of using
professionals works surprisingly well. The format is a fresh way of
examining serious and topical issues in an entertaining style.  

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