Meadow denies he is an expert witness

Professor Sir Roy Meadow, whose evidence helped wrongfully
convict Sally Clark of murdering her two babies, has denied he was
an expert in child abuse, writes Simeon

Meadow told a General Medical Council hearing this week he could
not be considered a “guru” for child abuse in this
country and was not a statistician.

He famously said at Clark’s trial in 1999 that the chance
of a double cot death in her family was “one in 73

Under cross examination Meadow told the tribunal he saw himself
as a paediatrician not a forensic expert and had felt bullied when
giving evidence in court.

But lawyer Robert Seabrook told the tribunal Meadow’s
assertion that he was not sure how to deal with the evidence in
court was “a charade”.

Meadow told the hearing last week that he had believed at the
time that his testimony was supported by the latest research.

Meadow denies serious professional misconduct. The hearing

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