Improving the Health and Well-being of Young People Leaving Care

Book Cover: Improving the Improving the Health and Well-being of Young People Leaving Care
 Bob Broad, Russell House Publishing
 ISBN 1-903855-62-4, £17.95


This is a well written book and for anyone working with young people, this will be an essential book to read, writes Wendy Dare.

Each section has clear headings, which includes comments and key findings, and also includes opinions of some of the most respected agencies that work with young people, and importantly young people’s feelings about the service that they are receiving.

The author explains the relevant legislation, such as The Children Act 1989 and Children Leaving Care Act 2000) and makes it easy reading putting it into context and explaining the policy relevance. He also explains clearly the difference between “eligible”, “relevant”, “former relevant”, and “qualifying” children and young people – all of which must be understood before going into this work.

I enjoyed reading this book and had wished it were available while I was on my social work course. I would strongly recommend this book as a must-buy: it is clear, easy reading, understandable, knowledgeable, and addresses young people’s opinions.

Wendy Dare is project worker, NCH Leaving Care Team, Hatfield.

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