Down Syndrome – An Introduction for Parents and Carers

 Cliff Cunningham,
 Souvenir Press
 ISBN 02856369799,


Cliff Cunningham writes with knowledge and authority on a subject he has studied for more than 40 years, writes Anne McCloskey.

He uses research and scientific evidence to provide the reader with comprehensive information concerning all aspects of Down’s
syndrome which belies the title of “An introduction”. Although aimed at parents and carers, this book provides a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in the subject of disability.

The author exudes warmth, compassion and sensitivity and draws the reader into his exploration of the history of society’s attitude towards difference.

You will find statistical data on every aspect of Down’s syndrome: from the biological causes, physical characteristics,  psychological perspectives, education, health and life expectancy. Furthermore, he explores the medical model of
disability and how the individual and his or her family are affected.

There are numerous contributions from people with Down’s syndrome and their families and also photographs of people in their own environment at work and play.

The author addresses the genuine difficulties people face while conveying a positive message.

Anne McCloskey is team manager, South and East Belfast Trust

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