Survey: Show the public what social workers do every day

The Social Work Watch survey is now open: fill it in at the end of today or soon after and you could win a free iPad Mini

Community Care and UNISON want to highlight the challenges and pressures you face every day – and celebrate the value and importance of what you do. So, today, on Tuesday 29 April, we would like you to fill in a survey telling us about your day. How many hours did you work? What kind of work did you do? How did your work make a difference to the lives of service users? And what impact did the day have on your own mental well-being? You should fill this is in at the end of your working day.

We will bring the anonymous findings to the public and policy makers to promote understanding of the profession and push for change. As an added incentive, those who complete the survey by midnight on 5 May will be able to enter into a prize draw to win a free iPad Mini.​ ​

If you have registered for a reminder, we will send you a link to the survey by email – or you can simply click here.

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One Response to Survey: Show the public what social workers do every day

  1. Laura April 29, 2014 at 11:18 pm #

    Worked 8hrs, criminal justice social work, made the difference to an offender as I requested a deferred sentence, which will support her needs while still requiring her to address her issues through change. Also met offender for probation appointment, he was late but phone to forewarn, which provides evidence of his commitment to take his CPI seriously.
    Today was not a particularly stressful time, impact was minimal on my mental health.