What can we do better for care leavers?

For Care Leavers' Week, Community Care asks how children's services and society can improve circumstances for care leavers

For Care Leavers’ Week, which starts today, Community Care asked people involved in the sector what they believe society can do better for care leavers.

Care leavers are often regarded as one of the most vulnerable groups in our society.

People who have been in care make up 30% of the 18-25 homeless population, almost 40% of care leavers aged 19-21 are not in employment, education or training and the leaving care ‘cliff edge’ can leave young people without ongoing support in unsuitable living environments.

Strides have been made in recent years to improve leaving care services, the Staying Put policy is a prime example, however there is always more that can be done.


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2 Responses to What can we do better for care leavers?

  1. Alan Wilson October 22, 2015 at 7:00 pm #

    I think that some form of buddying/befriending by adults that can continue as long as they need this will help. Young people leaving care need someone they trust to talk to. A lot of this can be done by the voluntary sector but it will need a level of, light touch, support/monitoring the process.

    I do this myself, both oficially and informally, and it does help with self-esteem. However you have to be careful that they don’t become dependent.

  2. Tyler moore October 24, 2015 at 8:37 pm #

    Watch this space, brand new out side of the box supported housing academy for care leavers to be set up in Bradford by centrepoint.

    Pushing the bounds of endless possibility is our duty.