Share your best and worst social work jargon

Today Community Care wants to collect your best, worst and most mystifying social work jargon

The Community Care brand, an organic and thriving social care publication focused on the holistic goal of informing diverse professionals who are enthusiastic about deep dive continuing professional development and seeking new horizons through an ever-evolving digital booklet of employment opportunities, cordially invites you to a day of sharing annoying jargon.

Today, as part of our Stand Up For Social Work Campaign, social workers will be encouraged to tweet and Facebook their best, worst and straight-up mystifying social work jargon. Either from memory, experience or because you’ve just received a local authority governance email featuring the phrase ‘individual development strategic goals’ in response to your request for a parking space closer to the front door.

Use the hashtags #SWjargon and #StandUp4SW, and the best individual examples of jargon (pictures are encouraged) and most prolific tweeters will receive a lovely box of chocolates or, even better, the approval of people on Twitter.

Prepare yourself, the verbiage is coming. (‘Verbiage’ is jargon speak for ‘jargon’)

You can join our Stand up for Social Work campaign by:

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One Response to Share your best and worst social work jargon

  1. Julian Spurr December 2, 2015 at 10:21 pm #

    Access the community Get out a bit more
    Make a positive contribution Work

    Realise potential Do your best
    Holistic We will work together
    Multi-disciplinary We will all work together / In big trouble with your boss !
    Eligibility Can you basically survive without social care funding ?

    Just a few ideas and a bit tongue in cheek except the last one. Deeply worried about the effect of continued cuts on “eligibility”