A social worker who goes the extra mile: meet this week’s hero

Barbara Price works relentlessly to ensure needs are met and colleagues feel supported

This week’s social work hero is Barbara Price, advanced social work practitioner in the disabilities team at Barnsley Council.

Barbara has been nominated by her team manager, Dawn Fryers, who highlights a recent case where Barbara chaired a best interests meeting concerning an older woman who was desperate to return home to her husband after a short stay in hospital.

Best interests assessor

“Professionals, care staff and family believed the risk was too great and it would be in her best interest to stay in a care home. The woman herself was begging to go home and said ‘life wasn’t worth living without her husband of 68 years’.

“Barbara challenged the staff and supported the family in their fears. Despite a lot of personal criticism Barbara supported the woman who eventually returned home.”

Since April this year the disability team has undergone a complex restructure and through this difficult period Barbara has also supported her team colleagues, visited with them when they have needed extra support, repeatedly checked everyone was ok and given freely of her advice, time and cups of tea whenever they were needed, regardless of how busy she was.

Achieves great outcomes

“Barbara is a highly valued and committed social worker, she works incredibly hard and will always go the extra mile. She achieves great outcomes for young disabled adults with very complex needs and works relentlessly to ensure their needs are met. She definitely deserves recognition,” Fryers says.

Well done Barbara! You’re a #swhero! A box of chocolates is en-route as we type.

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One Response to A social worker who goes the extra mile: meet this week’s hero

  1. Julie December 7, 2015 at 10:45 am #

    Nice to hear of a good social worker. I have met some who are dire, so this is heartening