Can you switch off your inner social worker over Christmas?

Get in touch and share your trials, tribulations and top tips for relaxing during the festive period

The nights are drawing in, the lights are twinkling and everyone’s starting to feel a little bit festive. Now the holidays are approaching, how do you switch off your inner social worker and make sure you get a break over the Christmas period?

Over the next week, Community Care wants to hear your stories and top tips.

Do you have to work in a emergency duty team over the holidays? Do you find it impossible to switch off completely? Can you not help taking your cases home with you? Or do you have some top tips for how to turn off your social worker brain and have some much needed R&R?

Comment below, email or tweet us at @CommunityCare with the hashtag #switchoffSW

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2 Responses to Can you switch off your inner social worker over Christmas?

  1. Love social work December 1, 2014 at 12:52 pm #

    Make sure you mix with lots of different families especially with children to show you that there are some well cared for children out there!

  2. Kathryn December 2, 2014 at 10:08 pm #

    I have my first break since August over Christmas… I fully intend to enjoy it with my family and trust that my clients are fully supported over the festive period… I have a hectic few weeks making sure every safeguard possible is in place so that I can try and switch off ‘try’ being the operative word… Like most social workers, I take my work home with me in my head… But for my own wellbeing I need to try and switch it off and let the safety net that’s in place catch anything that may occur… Convinced?…. Neither am I… But I’ll try!