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Lincolnshire is a big place, so we have teams across the county all focused on working with their local communities. Our dedicated teams work with adults of all ages to make life better, support people through challenges and to safeguard the vulnerable members of those communities.

Wherever they are based, our teams are close knit groups that help and support each other. They are made up of a range of professional disciplines, each bringing a wealth of skills and experiences.

Working in specific geographical areas or hospitals, our teams are highly knowledgeable about their local communities and understand the immediate challenges, as well as the resources, assets and services. This local way of working makes us a central part of the communities we support.

Our teams consist of a variety of professionally qualified and unqualified staff, all of whom bring a unique and varied skill mix to their roles. With social workers, occupational therapists and nurses, our teams are able to respond to a wide range of needs and challenges.

But we don’t always focus on the challenges, we empower people to utilise their strengths. With our range of skills and often years of experience, our staff have permission to think outside the box. Whatever a person’s needs, we work in partnership with them to ensure their outcomes are met and their quality of life is maximised. Not only do we work in the heart of our communities, we strive to keep individuals at the heart of their own support.

We have a range of locality teams based around the county, each covering a specific geographic area. These teams work closely with their local communities and partner agencies to help maximise the wellbeing of their residents.

As well as the locality teams we have four dedicated hospital teams that  work closely with health colleagues. Their aim is to achieve safe and timely discharge for people and ensure the best outcomes for patients.

We also have a number of teams that cover the whole county and specialise in particular functions, such as reviews or occupational therapy. And there are also our emergency duty team, our safeguarding team and our transition team.

With such a variety of work available we are able to work with people to understand how their skills and experience can be best utilised. So, whether you have a background in community working, enjoy the fast-paced involvements of hospitals or have a specialism in safeguarding, learning disability or emergency interventions, we have a role that will play to your strengths. We also recognise the importance of flexible working and quality of life, so we’ll work with you to help you find your ideal location.

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