Your chance to celebrate your social work colleagues

    Take part in our new series, My Brilliant Colleague, and tell us about the excellent practice of a social worker you work with

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    Should councils be able to exceed regionally agreed agency social work price caps?

    • No, this will undermine the caps and drive up costs. (40%, 261 Votes)
    • Yes, this will sometimes be necessary to fill staffing gaps. (35%, 227 Votes)
    • There shouldn't be price caps at all. (26%, 168 Votes)

    Total Voters: 656

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    Social work is a profession dedicated to championing and transforming the lives of children, families and adults across the country.

    Practitioners work tirelessly, often beyond contracted hours, to build relationships with, advocate for and safeguard many of the most disadvantaged people in society.

    However, your brilliant work often goes unnoticed and, when it is acknowledged, this is through local or sector-led awards that only allow recognition for a handful.

    Celebrating each other’s accomplishments

    Following our Choose Social Work campaign, we want to continue highlighting the exceptional work happening within the profession by enabling practitioners to champion each other’s achievements.

    In our new series, My Brilliant Colleague, we are offering you the opportunity to tell us about the excellent practice of someone you work with.

    Every week, we will publish one of your submissions showcasing a colleague’s achievements, innovative practice or support, for you or others on your team.

    You or your colleague can be anonymous and the entries can feature anyone you work with, including team managers, practice educators and students.

    More information is available on our nominations form, where you can tell us all about your wonderful colleagues!


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