‘His unwavering support had a profound impact on my son’s life’

A social worker details the support she received from a colleague in accessing help for her son's post-traumatic stress disorder

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In Community Care’s new series, My Brilliant Colleague, we’re asking you to celebrate the excellent practice and achievements of your fellow practitioners.

In the series’ latest entry, Nora Devlin, a social worker and foster carer, talks about the extraordinary support she received from her colleague and friend, social worker Eric Rickerby.

When Nora was looking for her son to be treated for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Eric took time to thoroughly go through the claim and help her make a case for her child to receive the necessary care.

My fantastic colleague and lifelong friend, Eric, driven by compassion and dedication, generously sacrificed his precious free time to audit a crucial file for my son’s PTSD claim.

He researched, meticulously, into the complexities of the case, scrutinising and examining every document and piece of evidence. Despite the demanding nature of the task, he approached it with unwavering commitment and professionalism.

He skillfully navigated through the intricacies of my son’s file. His thorough analysis uncovered critical information that strengthened the case, providing invaluable support in my son’s journey towards receiving assistance and care.

Even after scrutinising the file, Eric went above and beyond by writing a comprehensive report, drawing upon his wealth of knowledge and experience and leaving no stone unturned.

His report highlighted pertinent details but also included insightful observations and recommendations for care, ensuring that my son’s claim would receive the attention it rightfully deserved.

Through his selfless act of kindness and generosity, Eric exemplified the true essence of friendship.

His unwavering support and dedication have not only had a profound impact on my son’s life, but have also reaffirmed for me the power of compassion and empathy within our sector.

I am forever grateful for his extraordinary efforts and support in helping my family navigate through this challenging time.

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