Podcast: the refugee who became social worker of the year

An in depth podcast interview with Omaid Badar, winner of the overall Social Worker of the Year award 2023

In this episode of the Social Work Community podcast, we speak to Omaid Badar, overall winner at the Social Worker of the Year Awards 2023.

Omaid, who was also named children’s social worker of the year, tells his incredible story of coming to England as a teenage refugee. He recalls the night he spent in a police station and what happened the next morning when he met a social worker.

He explains why he became a social worker and how his own experiences affect his practice. Omaid speaks about the importance of restorative practice and building relationships with families and young people.

What made his colleagues at Kirklees Council nominate him? And what drives him to be the empathetic and compassionate social worker he is?

He also offers advice on how social workers can support unaccompanied asylum seeking children.

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You can read an interview with Omaid here.

The transcription for this episode is available here.

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