Contact In Adoption And Permanent Foster Care: Research Theory And Practice

    by Elspeth Neil and David Howe, Baaf Adoption and

    1903699606, £14.95

    An essential reference work for contact issues is always welcome,
    writes Barbara Davis.

    This one encourages careful thinking about the plans for children
    in permanent care, taking
    into account the relevant issues of the planning process.

    Each chapter looks at a different aspect, whether it is from the
    perspective of the birth parent, the adopter or the child.

    Some technical content is difficult to follow but the chapters end
    with three main “aims”, “findings” and “implications for practice”
    which direct the reader to relevant sections.

    The research examines the best results for children, who should be
    consulted, and highlights the importance of continuing social work
    support to contact arrangements.

    Barbara Davis is a social worker, fostering and adoption
    team, Highland Council

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