Social Workers for Telephone Research

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Social Workers for Telephone Research

WDAD Communications is an advertising and marketing agency
specialising in recruitment.

We are trying to recruit Social Workers to participate in
telephone research to talk about recruitment and retention issues
for a major employer of Social Workers.

The discussion will focus on what you look for in a new
employer, how you look for a job and your views on recruitment

It requires no pre-preparation and will take no more than an
hour of your time.  The interview will be arranged to happen at a
time of your convenience, either at work or at home.

In return we will pay a fee of £40.00 for the


To qualify, you will need to be:

• A qualified Social Worker (DipSW or equivalent)
• Working with Children and Families.
Unfortunately, if you don’t fulfil the above criteria, you
will not be able to come to our group, as these are the core
requirements of our client.


If would like to participate contact Tim Rotchell, Head of
Research on 020 7025 3536, or email him at  to register your
interest and arrange a time.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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