How to find your perfect role in care

Thinking about your next role in care? What if there’s a role better suited to you than your current one? Take our new quiz to see which areas of your role are the best fit for your personality type.

Your personality may hold the key to a happier work life

If you’ve ever wondered why you struggle with certain aspects of your job, but find others effortless, our personality quiz could be the answer.

At Community Care Jobs we want you to be the best care worker you can be, which is why we’ve put together this free quiz  – and complimentary guide to help you understand your results.

Having a good understanding of your personality at work will enable you to better play to your strengths, develop any areas of weakness, and be more confident taking the next step in your career journey.

The results will never be 100% accurate, but they’ll provide you with a great starting point for some reflection and further thinking about your potential next role in care.

Play to your strengths

As a care worker, compassion and empathy are likely to be words that you identify with.

But our personalities are so much more complex than that. For example, care professionals with a particularly high ‘agreeableness’ score are likely to be naturally suited to ‘front-line’ care work, but may have a hard time negotiating their salaries.

Those who score highly for ‘openness’ are likely to be happiest spending time with a variety of different clients, perhaps organising activities and social events.

Reading your results

Matching your personality type with your role in care is crucial to being a happy, fulfilled and successful version of yourself at work.

There are things that come to us naturally, with little effort. They’re the things we’ll always be good at and, if identified and utilised correctly, can help you get a lifetime of fulfilment from your work.

Identifying your strengths will help you find the areas of care work you will naturally thrive, and set you on the path for career success.

Take the test now.

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