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Welcome to Wigan Council children’s services’ employer profile. Here you can see key data, learn about the culture and meet the managers of the organisation before applying for a job.





Meet Our Teams

Bit about what the team does. Quote from social workers on the team

Bit about what the team does. Quote from social workers on the team

Bit about what the team does. Quote from social workers on the team


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Career Development

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Pay and Benefits

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 Kindness culture

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Culture and vision

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Living and working in Wigan

Wigan is the birthplace of The Eight Lancashire Lads a dancing troupe who gave the young Charlie Chaplin his professional debut. Local bands that gained wider repute include The Verve – one of the most important British rock groups of the 1990s.

Since 1986, Wigan has hosted an international jazz festival. Wigan remains a centre of popular music for young people, with a number of alternative pubs and clubs in the town centre. Wigan is home to the annual World Pie Eating Championship, usually held at Harry’s Bar on Wallgate. The competition has been held since 1992, and in 2006 a vegetarian option was added. 

Wigan is a large town in Greater Manchester, England. The town is 10 miles south-west of Bolton, 12 miles north of Warrington and 16 miles northwest of Manchester. Wigan is the largest settlement in the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan and its administrative centre.

Scotman’s Flash

Wigan Library

Museum of Wigan Life has a range of free exhibitions and activities. Mesnes Park is a chilled place to spend a sunny day and is only minutes from the town centre. Haigh Hall & Country Park has extensive land and woods as well as an extensive 200-acre park. Scotman’s Flash is the largest of Wigan flashes and is a beautiful escape from the bustle of the town. Described as an oasis in the heart of Wigan, it has a nature reserve and over 200 bird species. Wigan Library is located in the new Wigan Life Centre building and hosts free activities and mini festivals.

Wigan is not only considered a great place to live in terms of bills though, as back in 2017 the city scored very highly in a study on happiness.


In fact, many consider it to be one of the happiest places to live in Greater Manchester. The city is full of beautiful green scenery, along with a bustling and vibrant town centre.


Plus, it’s ideally located for easy travel to either Liverpool or Manchester. It’s no surprise then that many choose to buy their first home in Wigan. Wigan has a brilliant education network from primary schools right through to further education establishments.

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