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Making Positive Connections – A Foundation for Working with
People who have a Personality Disorder

Pavilion Publishing, £135, plus £13.50 p&p. To order,
call Community Care bookshop 020 8652 4861.

Defining and dealing with what constitutes a personality disorder
has been notoriously difficult in recent years, writes Ian Thomas,
head of support services at United Welsh Housing Association. The
approach of this workbook allows trainers to deliver the materials
in either formal or informal settings, with the participant able to
work at their own speed. The book covers a whole range of
personality disorder issues, including working with substance
misuse and self-harm. Importantly, it also looks at the connections
between the areas that make up the condition of personality
disorder. Despite placing practical areas within theoretical
frameworks and being over-complicated at times, it is a welcome

The Intelligent Organisation

Neil Thompson and Ros Harrison, Learning Curve Publishing,
£195, including p&p (£145 for health and social care

This is a highly informative training resource pack, writes Colette
Bleakley, senior lecturer in professional development. It is
written from a learning perspective and actively engages the
readers with the arguments in order to enable them to develop a
deeper understanding of the complexities involved in creating
effective, intelligent working environments. The authors are
experienced practitioners and the pack is designed to accommodate
the needs of staff with responsibility for delivering management
and organisational training workshops, staff development programmes
and accredited courses across the private, public and voluntary

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